Jennifer Puckett joined Martens & Heads! at the end of 2007. As a former client of the firm, she knows firsthand both the philosophy of the firm and the results of their partnership with clients and candidates. Having worked with many European luxury brands, Jennifer brings a unique understanding of the business pressures faced by clients and candidates. She knows the balance required to run a brand and a business, which involves protecting the first while making the latter a profitable venture.
Jennifer was Managing Director at Diptyque and held various positions in wholesale and retail at Wolford America, and ultimately running the US subsidiary. She joined both brands as they established affiliates to replace distributors. She has faced the challenges of a new business, ridden the wave of success, and guided companies through economic downturns.
Jennifer is a native of North Carolina, an avid kick-boxer, college basketball fan and lover of art. Her husband is a painter and graphic artists who worked for Jim Henson and Sesame Street. She graduated from Guilford College, in Greensboro, NC, with a BA in Literature.